pain management and my marriage

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Pain is an integral part of an elite athlete’s life. There is no escape from it. When I was bowling, I suppose, I really cannot remember nor do I know but when I had completed the competition for the day, my legs hurt so bad. We would get others to stand on the thighs, one on each thigh and jump on them to ease the pain. Then it would feel better.

My son who bowled was 210 lbs and I got him to stand on one of my thighs and jump up and down to ease the pain. And on my back. And step on my calves.

The weather has cooled down and I just did not realize it. I did not keep my neck and legs warm nor my arms. I just looked at the temperature here and it’s 17 degrees Celsius. I need to keep my arms and legs and neck warm so they do not tense up the muscles. So, my neck gave in and my shoulders which led to a terrible headache and then my arms and hands and legs and feet started to hurt.

What a silly woman. Irresponsible.

My husband realized some time back that I was not kidding about the pain I feel in my body from overuse and abuse. Everyone understands. So, when I asked my husband to come back to bed with me to sleep for a couple of hours this morning, he did.

We both sleep well when we are both asleep. The other night when I could not sleep till 4 am because of my neck pain and headache he did not get a good night’s sleep either.

So this morning, we did not wake up.

My husband told me he was shocked when he woke up at 3 pm.

I was more shocked that he allowed me to sleep till 4 pm.

We had lunch at 6 pm this evening.

What a silly couple. No. What a loving couple. We do all things together. Lovingly.


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