I did not have much to eat today. I don’t know why. I had lunch at 8 pm. It just happened this way. I ate next to about nothing and wondered why I did not feel hungry at all until I got back tonight.

Something extraordinary happened.

I was driving to our prayer meeting and was praying in my heart in tongues and then a new song sprang out from my mouth. It just sprang out. And I started to sing about the LORD of the heaven and the earth and how HE looked at me and formed me the way HE wants. In every way. Every day. It was extraordinary. I sang and sang and sang and sang until I had no more words to sing out anymore and then something happened.

I saw myself dancing with the LORD. But it was not on the grass nor the garden nor the vast fields we usually dance on in the Spirit.

We were dancing through the universes. Through time. There was no more time. But we just kept on dancing and dancing and dancing and then the traffic cleared and I drove off to our all church prayer meeting.

In the same Spirit of the LORD I worshiped the LORD not in our church when we were all worshiping. I worshiped and praised HIS HOLY Name as we danced through time and throughout the universes.

It was an awesome experience. Nothing I would nor could ever have thought of.

Our God, HE’S an awesome God.

So, I love my church. We are free to worship the LORD in Spirit and in TRUTH.

16 July 2012 dance with me LORD LOVER of my heart to the song of all songs


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