breaking under stress

I’ve been on a Facebook feed with many ladies. It has been fun. Today I read one about a two year old have a fit when her mother flushed her toilet. She wanted to do it and the LORD reminded  me of  having one big enormous one as well one day.

As a bowler we need to present ourselves perfect for live TV or live interviews or just live in our sport.

Well, I was taught to have my hair perfect in every way and my clothes which matched the bowling balls and accessories. Be ready at all times for an interview, live.

So, I always was. But I did not realize until today what stress I must’ve felt all the time until the LORD reminded me of a screaming fit I had that until today it has affected my youngest son. He was a national bowler as well. All over the world.

I took pride in my uniform. I had to wear it every single day. Where ever I went I was well known, locally or internationally. So, I would even hand wash my uniform when abroad which led to hand washing them even at home.

All to be ready for live interviews.

One day my son decided that he would do me a big favour. He would get my uniform washed with his and all our clothes. So, he just did the norm. The norm for an ordinary person is not the norm for me.

In my mind, I had to be ready, remember.


So, when he told me, I had myself a fit. A huge fit. A fit of all fits.

I screamed and cried and yelled and hollowed



Until my uniform dried and looked the same as it did before he washed it, in the machine.

God is good all the time and now I’m still very fussy but messy is good for me. Berry berry good. So that I remember that perfect is not normal.


In line with Lisa Jo Baker’s post this morning.



Think I’m kidding. I did this all day until my uniform dried.

Picture or Photo of Illustration of a Boy Rolling on the Floor While Throwing a Tantrum


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