sunday school and war games

We had an activity in our Sunday School today. War games. Learn how to work with another person and as a team and cover each others’ back.

The thing is …. boy did it hurt. They used high powered bibi guns. And boy did it hurt when we get shot.

Now, we are talking about eight to eighteen year olds.

With blood everywhere, I had to admit, it was tough being in the front. So, I hung out with the kids in the middle. But, that did not work as well.

More blood.

It was tough but I stayed on with them there teens all the way to the bitter end.


O well, it was all good fun.


Someone got hit more than me ???
O don’t think so …… though it may look like it ….
What about the arms and legs ….. it really hurt when someone shot me at least five shots in the one area and then the next area …….
And I had my gun over my head …….



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