the ugliness in man ( and me )

I dunno about y’all but yesterday I saw the killer in me. I did not like it though as I had got my head blasted and bullets all over my body, so, I fought in anger and revenge.

It was so ugly.

The bullets really hurt and when I had found the opposition, I just started firing … but I have to admit …. I just aimed for the chest.

We were all wearing protective vests.

This is not the point. They are only kids and I just got so mad and became this …. person fighting.

How ugly.

The kids were shocked.

I was shocked.

I was trained to take a man out by hitting his chest. I have had very good aim in the past. I still do.

But I did not like myself yesterday. They were just kids.


Ugly me.

Bad girl.

It wasn’t a war. It was just silly child’s play.


I turned ugly.


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