pure sweet sweet intimacy

good morning
reign in me


the LORD has given me this picture and HE’S showing me the way for me next year, HIS WORD, reign in me O LORD JESUS, HE is going to fill me up up up up up with HIS WORD the coming year, I’m to fix my eyes on JESUS and just study God’s WORD, ❤ my greatest dream, JESUS the LIVING WATER, with this song, it’s touching, my life will reflect JESUS in HIS WORD, HE will be giving me dreams in HIS WORD, when we follow JESUS we never really know where HE is leading me, and when we hear HIS speak to our ❤ ‘s we find our dreams and HIS path upwards towards eternity with HIM is just the same, does God put HIS dreams in our ❤ ‘s all our lives, LOVE, HE says, it’s called LOVE ❤ ……

follow the dream the LORD has put in my heart ever since I was a young lady of twenty ❤ is it my dream or is it God’s will for me, think it’s God’s will and I just follow after JESUS ❤

to allow HIS GLORY to fill my  and my life, to live a surrendered and submitted life to Christ JESUS, MESSIAH, HIS GLORY fills my  sometimes when we go through life in its winding road …. it just takes time …. HIS time … to get to where we always wanted to go …. there were so many obstacles …… the voice of the LORD is so clear and distinct …. like when I first heard HIS Voice when I was twelve ….

run run run
up up up

hand in hand

 I just want to thank YOU LORD for all YOU’VE done

 we know in which direction to go when we stop and listen quietly in trust in a Saviour that knows the way, HE is the Way after all, as I walk on with my eyes fixed on my Redeemer, I find 2014 a most surprising one of all of my years, HIS direct call for me to remain in HIM, in this still still place where there is no disruption, no distraction, the walls of the Holy Spirit are clear and transparent, yet, HIS seal upon me, covering me, is the most secure and happy place to be in, in quietness and trust ……. HE says ….. be still and know that I AM God ……


 we must seek and not lose vision of Christ before us, above us, with us, in us, for us, loving us, ❤

 it really is the sweet sweet kiss of our Saviour Redeemer
Christ JESUS our LORD
I ❤ this part
the life of a seer
my third kiss in the lips of
what a Christmas for
the little Christ child
and me
what a life
who would have known
if you had told me
I would not have believed anyone if they told me this

 sweet sweet
intimacy with
Christ JESUS
touched gently
by the heart of JESUS

totally lost
in the confines
Christ’s LOVE for me
pure pure
sweet sweet


Hebrews, our great HIGH PRIEST, Christ JESUS our LORD, MESSIAH, the Mediator of the New Covenant, draw near to Christ, faith, the great faith heroes of Scripture, Hebrews has ended but my life has been changed, being drawn closer and closer to a HOLY God, the unblemished Lamb of God, it is by God’s grace that I’m in the right place at the right time, my kairos moments, divine encounters with Christ our LORD, Global University, what a journey …… all the devotionals, draw me nearer and nearer to YOU LORD JESUS, my ADONAI, my LORD and Master, this bond-servant is humbled by YOUR gift of LOVE to me LORD JESUS, ❤

breath from heaven



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