As we prayed together in church I saw JESUS.

HIS hands. And a dove on it.

16 April 2013 Ruach ^^ Breath of God Let the winds blow Let your glory come down

HE was pure white blazing. So was the dove. And the Holy Spirit spread its wings.

Then I heard, I AM with you. I go before you. I AM behind you. I AM surrounding you.

And I saw leaders taking up their swords. Raised. Filled with Holy Fire. Running. Upwards. Towards our Saviour.


Then I saw the entire body of Christ.

Some walked pass the cross. Some after the cross. They were all walking slowly. Upwards towards JESUS.

18 September 2012 cross-as-a-bridge

But the leaders held up their swords.

Blazing with Holy Fire.

They were running towards JESUS.

17 August 2011 Prophetic Art Nathalie Kelley Sword of the Spirit cr

The saints behind them. Walking.

And then I heard that the entire body will move forward together as one in Christ JESUS.




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