hold on to the PRIZE our ROCK

When we bowled, it was so tough I tell you. I had to bowl and focus on nothing but bowl and when times were hard in our team, we got a scolding. I did my part but we all got the scolding together. So, I shot up like a blasting rocket. Personally, I don’t take to a scolding well, as I’m at the top and never really deserved those scoldings. I would go so far ahead that I only stopped when someone came up and said, it’s finished, you can stop now. You’ve got a medal.

A  month ago, I was in this exact same place. I had stopped moving and when someone said something in a loud voice, I just got going and never looked back.

This is the champion in me. Champions are born and bred. I absorb what I am learning like a sponge. And shoot up like an exploding rocket, never looking behind me. Holding my head up high high high. And never looking down really.

We all go through life in tough tough times and tough spots. I focus my eyes ( literally ) on the prize, THE PRIZE, now. My REWARD. JESUS, the Author and the Finisher of my faith.


Hebrews 11


16 April 2013 Holy Spirit

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1 August 2013 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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