good morning LORD JESUS, still singing in the peace and the joy and the LOVE of the little Christ Child, ♥ the sharps and flats, it’s Christmas everyone and in great expectation I wait for the little Christ Child to give me HIS gift for me, what HE wants from me this Christmas, surrender, sweet and intimate sweet surrender to the only ONE who saves, MESSIAH, 🙂

do you get to this place, with the little Christ Child, in the peace of it all, in the quiet and stillness of who HE is, in this great mighty ♥ that takes me up up up up into the heavens, eternity, today, when you touch the flakes that fall softly into your hands …. the gentle touch of Christ JESUS, Baby JESUS, and as HE melts our hearts, into HIS embrace, a smile, a gentle google, the sound of the little Christ Child, hand touching hand, have you gently touched the hand of God, and used your pointer to gently play with HIS little hand of ♥ ……… run it all along HIS hand …… each finger …… so small and so tiny …. so peaceful and still in the night ……. as HE sleeps on a trough, in the storms of this world, there is a place, a quiet and gentle and peaceful place, with JESUS, MESSIAH, Emmanuel, Christ is with us, HE is, right here, deep in my ♥ ……….

my gift this Christmas, as I circle HIS hand with my finger, a gentle touch from God, Hebrews 11,  Global University,


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