our solemn assembly

We are on our three day, fast and prayer, in our solemn assembly. This is our first day and tonight when our Korean pastors read from Scripture, the Door opened, filled with blazing LIGHT. JESUS walked out in HIS glorious bright pure white LIGHT. HE was pure bright white LIGHT HIMSELF. It was amazing.

To God be the GLORY.

It was as though they heralded a new beginning this year for our church. Something more.

JESUS walked out and HE was smiling.

Blessed is HE who comes in the Name of the LORD.


22 March 2013 Alpha and Omega

And before that while we were worshiping the portal opened and pure bright white LIGHT poured down down down.

16 April 2013 LIGHT

Blessed be the Name of the LORD.

Blessed blessed blessed be HIS HOLY Name.

The HOLY ONE of Israel.


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