joy joy joy

I’m such a muddle but in all the messy muddles, I get the job done. Christ in me. My God is with me where ever I go. In whatever I do. Muddle and messy and all.

I’ve got this cold and to be honest, the brain is on ten percent. It’s hard to stop my brain from thinking and pondering and reflecting on JESUS and my Father and the Holy Spirit and the things from above only. 

So, since yesterday my brain has been on five percent, even.

O well, no one is perfect,

JESUS said to me. Only I AM perfect, JESUS said.

And I agreed. Of course.

JESUS told me HE has a great and wonderful year ahead for me and I truly believe HIM. In all the muddles and messy of things, I’ve won medals, all over the world. In places I’d never been before. It’s like conquering Everest. So, in Christ, I’ve come a long long long long way and ……. well ………

HE told me to leave all the things that would hinder me behind me. And I trust in HIM. It’s in HIS WORD right.

To be honest, only always ever been a one person. Too many cooks spoil the soup. So, I just trust the LORD and my husband and my friend. More than enough for me.

O well, this brain is not working. The white pill worked as I sat in a restaurant just being able to breathe again. Allergies. A bit of help said the doctor and my body will work out all the rest by itself.

What a muddley messy life but in the end, it is that Christ achieved much and not me. Right. HIS work is good. Mine is … a mess.


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