HE knows my name


I love this song. Love Israel’s singing. So lovely.

This morning when I woke up, JESUS was speaking. Every year after Christmas I would look towards the cross. It was last week when JESUS told me I could always ever depend on HIS cross before me for safety.

But this morning, my journey continues. It continues on. This seer. Seers see. We see JESUS. Well, at least I do. Visions and places like John and Daniel. We have this very intimate friendship with Christ JESUS our LORD. A life time of submission and obedience and full surrender. It’s easy when you hear and see. You just follow the voice of the LORD, JESUS.

This morning, my journey to the cross has started. In the messy of my life and at this breakthrough of getting past aged twelve, it seems there is more to this than I think.

I placed my head on the chest of Christ JESUS. On the ground. Where HE was laid by HIS mother.  I laid my head on HIS chest. And wept.

It is that two thousand years ago, JESUS would not be alone on the cross though the apostles betrayed HIM and ran away in fear and trembling and doubt. It is that HE calls some to HIMSELF, in a most intimate place. HOLY ground. It is that in this place, I’m covered by the BLOOD of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, once and for all, for all who believe. It is that my Father sees the righteousness of Christ in me, covered by the BLOOD of the Lamb of God, the Son of God. JESUS. MESSIAH. And He is satisfied. I am cleansed by the BLOOD of the Lamb as I enter into the Holiest of places.

A life long struggle to get to this place, finally. O but it would have happened no matter what. For what God decrees will come about no matter what is put in the way of HIS will being done in the lives of HIS saints.

So, as I pondered in this place the angels were singing in the heavenly realm.


Is it that some are called to this place, where others follow to the most HOLY ground in years to come. In victory. This brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes we cannot see what is before us. Only as we walk through the time. The FIRE. The GLORY of the LORD. HIS LIGHT.

And then I ask myself, can others be here with me. I see no one. I just see myself. I just see me and JESUS. JESUS and me. HE holds my hand and we walk on and on and on and on in HIS peace and quiet still waters.

In the helpless and the messy and the confusion of it all, God is good all the time. HE is a God of order. Even in mine own disorder. And in my inability to comply, HE brings me to my knees and places me at HIS chest. In HIS LOVE.

I’m driven by such a passion. A passion that JESUS has for each and every one of us. HIS passion has become my passion and I cannot stop this flood of LOVE from HIS cross or from HIS risen appearing. And in all of this, I have no idea. I just follow JESUS blindly and willingly in full surrender and submission. Can I understand this. No, indeed I do not. But, no worries. JESUS knows what HE is doing. My Father in heaven knows what HE has decreed. The outcome is HIS and HIS alone. I’m just a minor player in all of this. The empty vessel.


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