at the brink of – the Millennium

the blazing cross before me

When I woke up this morning all I could hear was this song. In Christ alone. And I wondered what JESUS was going to say to me. Again. I reminded myself that the cross will be my guiding LIGHT in all of this journey which is a never ending love story with JESUS, my Bridegroom. The LORD. My Adonai. The Christ. MESSIAH.

So as I looked I saw the gold paved streets and the blazing white GLORY which could not be beheld but by our spirit and by the BLOOD of the Lamb. Our DOOR. Christ JESUS. The DOOR.

5 November 2012 enter in by jen

I was reminded a year ago when I asked one of our home group members to teach me about the Millennium. But alas, nothing was said. Silence.  

We are at the brink of the Millennium. At the very DOOR.

Yet, with God there is no time. HE has no beginning and no end.

And the LORD gave me the verse about being rid of every bit of thing that entangles me. So, I got here.

O O O O O can you see it church. The beauty by which we belong to. The city on a hill. The mountain of the LORD where all the nations will walk up to. Zion. The New Jerusalem. O O O O O can you see it paved in the GLORY of the LORD.

Our hope. Our true home. Many have gone back home already to our LORD but when my time is up. And I used to think fourteen years ago that my time was up when I first saw JESUS hung on HIS cross. But I am still alive.

I thought back to the other day when I laid my head on the blooded chest of Christ JESUS our LORD and wondered why I did not kiss HIS heart. O it was such a painful and bitterly terrible time. I remember thinking, it’s no wonder no one believed HIS is the SON of the Living God. The condition that day was torrid. But I believe YOU LORD JESUS, I told HIM. It still to this day brings tears to my eyes. If we are not moved to tears by our Salvation, I don’t know what else I can say in this matter of being at the cross.

My passion all my life for the things of God has brought me to the brink of the Millennium. Zion is no longer a distance away. I am standing a footstep away from the DOOR. I suppose you will all be saying, walk in. Just go in. But but but, I need to go with the flow fo the Holy Spirit. With the prodding and the leading of the Holy Spirit and not in my own strength and fleshly desires but the very heart of God. When HIS timing is right. I will take that very step.

The LORD reminded me HE did not chose me for any eloquence of speech but the simplicity of what the gospel is. Yet, to many HE is a stumbling block.

I love my life. I really do. It’s an amazing love story with my Father and HIS very own begotten SON our LORD and Saviour JESUS who is the Christ, MESSIAH and the Holy Spirit.

16 April 2013 He opens doors no man can shut


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