the quiet place

In all of this I often wonder to myself what is going on. All my life I’ve been speaking to God. My God. Me. HIS child. I’ve come so far in the fifty – five years of my walk with the LORD. I’ve just come so far. I just wonder why they do not know YOU LORD JESUS. Just why. And HE said, They do not know ME.

I no longer see myself as a child but HIS bride. JESUS’ bride. All grown up and beautiful. A woman.

Whatever made me lay my head on JESUS’ chest this morning, I have no idea. I just follow the Spirit’s lead. And just do.

I believe that there is more and greater than what is of today for me. In the years to come, a far greater and fuller victory will come for Christ’s church.

When I was little, I was encouraged to play with my Father in heaven alone. All by myself. As I grew and became a woman, it was still in this alone place that I found JESUS. All through the years, it’s just been me and JESUS. My Father who art Thou in heaven and the Holy Spirit.

And now, it is the same. No different. Is this what it means to be set apart. A highway to holiness. Of JESUS’ LIGHT and HIS GLORY. Of HIS LOVE. Unfailing LOVE for me. And why has HE called me to this very intimate place. And yet, I just reply to JESUS and say, I believe YOU LORD JESUS. I believe.

And then I know that all I just want to do is to know HIM more. JESUS, this is. My FAther who art THOU in heaven and the Holy Spirit.

It’s this simple really. Just believe.

1 August 2013 eagle with fly with the dove


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