our GOD is stronger

1 August 2013 eagle with fly with the dove


O when you wake up do you hear the voice of God calling you into HIS warm warm and loving embrace. Do you sleep in HIS embrace. In HIS LOVE. In HIS arms. In HIS heart. Do you. Do you. Do you. I do. I do. I do. How many of us live life like this, I cannot say, but, I can guarantee that there are many of us. It’s not just me. When you sleep in bed, is it a bed you are sleeping in or is it the oils of the Holy Spirit that cover up the bed you are lying in. Can you feel the oils of the Holy Spirit and the Presence of God just you sunken deep deep deep into Christ JESUS our LORD. This is the perfection of the perfect. Christ HIMSELF. To surrender your dreams and sleep into HIM and HIM alone. Are you here. There are many more like us. Have you found this place. Hey, it’s HOLY ground. It then becomes only all about JESUS and not about the carnal man. Fight the good fight of faith.

O boy. O boy. O boy. Do I need JESUS. So very much.

If you have not found this place, I do so encourage you to find this most HOLY place with JESUS. JESUS takes you on the most adventurous ride of all that no roller coaster could ever take you, no matter how fast and furious. It is a Spirit walk with the LORD. Hold on to the things of the Spirit. The things of God that take you higher and higher and higher.

Reminding you all that two years ago I took this step to the next twelve years into the depth of who Christ is and now on the rise out of the deep deep waters of drinking drinking drinking of the Holy Spirit. This seer eagle is flying. I have been so encouraged to break free of every hindrance that entangles me and this year, the LORD has spoken to me in the same manner and as I break from things that would hold me back in my walk in the Spirit with the LORD, I am able to soar into places I’ve never ever been before.

O all I can tell you is that I need this place so much in Christ JESUS. And I’m willing to forgo more so that the LOVE of Christ in me is able to take me to places I’ve never been before.

Enough for now as it might be far too much to grasp all at once.

This love story is never ending.

1 August 2013 11-august-2011-imagesz

Linking up with Holley Gerth here today.

Thanking you Holley though you are not feeling top notch today.

Coffee For Your Heart
Holley Gerth



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