totally and utterly

It’s been truly an amazing Christmas with Christ JESUS. In this New Year the LORD has spoken much. In the quietness of this morning when I awoke JESUS told me some amazing things. I have determined myself to woo JESUS but HE told the first step this morning.

O MY love, where is it that you can hide from Me. Where ever you go, I AM with you. In your thoughts and in your heart. As you breathe, who is it that you think about. In every thought. I AM in them. Remember ME, MY love. Where ever you go. In all the things that you do. Think of ME. I made them so that you can enjoy them. Think of ME. As you sleep, I AM with you. As you breathe, I AM breathing life into you. As you breathe out, I AM receiving what you have thought of ME. Where can you go to hide from ME. There is no where. Think every single thought about ME. For I AM your God. Your BRIDEGROOM. Your LOVE. I AM JESUS.

The LORD is taking me into a very intimate time with HIM and HIM alone. In this place, of this year, in my season of twelve years, I will grow up fully into HIS bride. At this moment, in this never ending love story, I am still young at heart. Yet, near and dear to JESUS. This year, I will find out what it means to love JESUS fully for who HE is. As the Great I AM.

I shared this with the ladies this morning as the LORD showed me this very amazing picture as I shut my eyes tight. And I rubbed them to see even clearer.

It was the stars in our universe. The LORD told me, HE shines brighter than any star. HE is LIGHT. I saw millions and millions of stars. HE told me very one of us, has eternity in their hearts. Eternity is in them. JESUS is in each and every single one of us. HE put HIMSELF in them. HIS eternal purpose in our hearts. So, I shared what JESUS told me this morning. They took this blessing and prayed, for our year of 2014.

JESUS is growing me and getting me ready for the wedding.

Can you see it.


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