the true condition of man’s heart

I woke up this morning thinking that well ……. what has the LORD got for me this day. This one fine sunny sunny day. I  was studing my Global University course last night and it was easy peasy. I was reminded of the days when I was asked to dig dig dig for myself and by myself and given the ability to do so. I still kept those books but now, with modern technology. Logos Bible Software is it. It is just it for me. Take my bible everywhere I go. I’m lost without it. I can’t live without it. My Logos Bible is my life. 

This fine morning the LORD woke me up to tell me about the true condition of our hearts and the evil and ugliness of this world. I’m astounded that JESUS saw all these things. All of them in the garden of Gethsemane and …. well …. I really wanted to puke.

Is it that I’m being grown up up up up up to be able to see even my own heart and it’s true condition. It’s in Scripture.

Mind boggling really, learning about the things of God in the Spirit.


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