damaged goods

We are all of us damaged goods. Broken like this world. It’s whether we choose to stay in this world or with Christ.

For me, I’m somewhat blessed. Heaven is what we hope for for all eternity.

When I bowled, all alone, even with so many with me. I stayed within the confines of a very small and tight area to focus on my game and just moved along the lines of the confine. This confine which I stayed in was enough for me and myself to get on with the game and do great things.

In Christ, I find the confine of God’s boundaries are also very narrow and small.

So, I have so closed myself into the confine of the study of God’s WORD, HIS Presence and prayer. 

This works out great for me and with God the Father, HIS Son and the Holy Spirit, with my husband and friend, it’s just all good enough for me.

There are so many options to read from from Logos Bible Software. Random commentaries, all suggested from Dianne and it’s really been a life saver for me. Seek and dig the WORD for myself.

Within the confine of a very narrow gate and a very restricted path all in accordance with the WORD, it is here that I choose to be.

We are all damaged goods with no where to go except in Christ JESUS. With little else left but just a little, what I have is good enough for me. I’m used to being closed in. With God’s WORD the options of study are never ending. Church is great. What little I do is enough.

Looking out from the inside out, life is good.

Guard my heart.

It really works out good for me cos all I see is JESUS and HIS LIGHT and HIS GLORY and HIM and HIM alone.

I’ve figured that for me, seeking JESUS’ Face, is the best place to be.

One could say, it’s my position in Christ.

I don’t need more than what I have now. Every single one of us is damaged goods and it’s how we are able to live out life with Christ. I’ve chosen the study of HIS WORD, prayer and supplication and dance. It’s already far too much for me. I’m blessed to have a church and friend and a husband who loves me for whom I have been created to be. The bare minimum is far two much already. In life, we make choices. Choices that help us seek JESUS. JESUS is good enough. JESUS is more than enough. HIS LIGHT and GLORY and LOVE is more than enough for me. HE gave me little to be with HIM and HIM alone. For in the end as we walk the walk with the LORD, it’s who we are with along life’s journey that make us or break us. I’m blessed to have just enough to make it along life’s journey. It’s all a matter of my heart in the end. We just do not need those who do not encourage. Those who discourage. Those who make us fall and not lift us up.

This journal is the story of my journey. However good or bad it may be, it’s the path the LORD has chosen for me to take. So, if I keep my eyes fixed on HIM and HIM alone, with a couple of people whom I love along the way, and who love me. And I rise up in wings of eagles and climb mountains like Everest and more. What does it matter. This confine is good. Boundaries are good. We all need them. We do not need to live a fallen life in a fallen world. We all need to live a victorious life in a victorious Christ. We make choices to stand in Christ, for Christ, with Christ, to love Christ. All else that takes us away from the focus on JESUS is useless if we are defeated and not in the HOLY place of JESUS’ Presence and LIGHT and GLORY. What is good for some is not for others. I make my choice based on this.

O I need this, this is me, hidden in my Father's hands in prayer and supplication


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