the synopic gospels

I completed Chapter 4 of my bible study yesterday. It was about the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Sanhedrin. I learnt about how they kept the law but not in the internal change of heart towards the LORD but only in outward appearance. Lip service like in Isaiah. God does not like that at all.

I learnt how to study the bible from the early twenties from the evangelicals. Got to get their name right or I will be corrected. To be more exact, I learnt from Precept Upon Precept Ministries in bible studies. All their various studies. If nothing else, you truly learn how to gleam and dig into the WORD of God like anyone who knows how to study the bible. I love to study the bible.

It would take me two weeks to dismantle and dissect a chapter in Scripture. I love word studies. The thing is, I love to study all the words. Important words. In this great adventure of the study of Scripture I know who Nicademus really is. I know how to use the books and numbers to find the meanings of words. By the end of two weeks I know everything about a chapter. Some are more difficult than most. The chapter in Isaiah on the kings of the north and the south was a challenge for me. I know how to bullet and title every detail in a chapter.

When I read this last night I laughed and laughed and laughed about the Pharisees and examined myself in biblical studies.

I’m not far off. Others will write in Hebrew or Greek the words in Scripture. Others I’ve known would write Scripture from the beginning to the end and back again and continue without stopping. Some would read from the beginning to the end and then start from the beginning again. Non stop.

Some, which I cannot do is break up the Hebrew word into the alphabets to get a glimpse of the meaning of what the writer was trying to express. It’s lovely to read these as anyone who does this gives back the meat of the word to those who are not capable of studying this way.

I do not dream to do this nor write in Hebrew nor Greek. Nor copy the bible nor read it non stop.

I just love word studies. My Logos bible gives me such wonderment when I do this as when I look up a word, there are if not hundreds, thousands of cross references. A run throughout the bible in relation to the word and what was happening in that time.  And for us as well.

I do not usually talk about studying the bible as it takes time and effort and my entire life to study God’s WORD. Of course I can teach others to do this but most people love to be hand fed in general, light. I remember a study I taught on John and just taught the word, I AM and the word, vine. Can you imagine how much there is to be said about these two words and in the end, you find there is no way you cannot be attached to Christ as when you learn about the grape vine, you find out how secure you have become in Christ. I laughed when I read it. I still laugh. After pages and pages and pages of reading, security if only to be found and located in Christ JESUS, the TRUE VINE.

When you take personal time off to break down the WORD and to find out what the LORD wants in your life, there is never enough time to find out, all of God’s WORD.

I don’t read books. I read commentaries. I read WORD studies. I love Little Kittle. When there are pages of information on a word and over hundreds of cross references to click on and read, fast, it makes for a fun life.

Have you been at the bottom of Mount Sinai with Israel. I have. Were you there with Abram when Isaac was to be sacrificed. Were you there when Daniel saw the Ancient of Days and the thrones set up. Were you with John in the sea of glass and lightning above JESUS. What about Ezekiel. And Isaiah. And Paul and Peter and the apostles. Or even the first day of Pentecost. Or JESUS’ birth. Or HIS crucifixion. I can go on but you need the WORD to get to these places.

The LORD spoke about these things and then I studied Chapter 4 of the Synoptic Gospels. And laughed and laughed and laughed. It is all about the circumcision of the heart, the inward man and not the outward man. Have you felt the SWORD pierce your heart. I have. The SWORD of the Spirit.

I don’t read books. I read commentaries and I do word studies. It’s so much fun. There is so much to learn in God’s WORD.


The evangelicals equip you to study and dig out the WORD for yourself and to listen carefully to the leading and prodding of the Holy Spirit and in the end, you will arrive at the same place and conclusion as the commentaries and word studies. The WORD is living and active and sharper than any sword. Where’s that verse.

But I’ve found, we are all different. I love to learn in depth. I have got time and the patience. I’ve got the rest of my life here on this earth to learn and study.

One of the most widely respected theological dictionaries put into one-volume, abridged form – “Little Kittel.” Abridged from the nine-volume work of this name edited by Kittel and Friedrich, this 1985 abridged and updated edition by Geoffrey W. Bromiley includes the best of the original massive scholarship. Focusing on the theological meaning of each word, the abridgment contains English keywords for each entry, tables of English and Greek keywords, and a listing of the relevant volume and page numbers from the unabridged work at the end of each article or section.

You may also be interested in the unabridged Theological Dictionary of the NT Complete (“Big Kittel”).

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (“Little Kittel”) Abridged in One Volume • Editor: Geoffrey W. Bromiley • Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (1985)

My bible.


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