doing my synopic gospel presentation

good morning LORD JESUS
good morning
I’m going to present a chapter of the commentary to our bible study group and in my mind I’m able to lay out the OT and all the historical facts and locations, hey, I was no good with maps and overviews before but now, it’s all opened up, and this morning the LORD placed a time line and map and the historical setting before the JESUS’ first coming and all that was happening, the main point, Scripture is the inerrant WORD, Gen 1 and John 1, all the surrounding nations and their idol worship, those of us that did the OT and idol worship, so, split into a list of three types of people at the time of JESUS’ birth, too funny, lists, pictures, maps,  LOL, this is good, and then all I could hear is this song,

the mind is a very complex and very filled place, I’ve got it all in my mind,  this was the idea in the end right, it’s been a long long time, studying the bible, I just needed overviews, it’s just opened it all up in my mind, maps, locations of travel, the Baal worship of the surrounding nations, those who studied the OT together, O I love bible study, I get lost in the study, if we cannot be changed by Scripture, now I understand why it’s so easy to miss JESUS’ first coming, and now, we are waiting for JESUS’ second coming, all happening in the same place, what a horrible man Herod was,

some never get here, some take forever like me, some are lost in the enormity of the OT –  information information, now if only my computer skills in Powerpoint matched this heart of mine, O not mine own but Christ’s, hahahahahahahaha 🙂 I get lost in the moment of the point, O the point is the virgin conception btw, hahahahahahaha, ………..

I would advise everyone to suffer the cross references of the PUP course, and lists, then you can get here, better late than never,

all else is worth nothing but God’s WORD and the study of it, for me anyways,

two easy after years of investment in the WORD of God

 bulleting only the main points of Robert H. Stein and and and I figured how to get my powerpoint to work and sent out all the pix on W’hat’s App so everyone’s got them, and I’m finishing off with the first two chapters of Matthew, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary …… there ya go ….. could not find a time line of JESUS’ birth though, will have to make mine own, hahahahahahaha two funny ………. 🙂


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