God is with us

We all go through stuff and the thing is God is with us all the way. You all know the one about the footprints, right. Tough as nails. JESUS winced when that nail was driven through HIS hand. HE did wince. So, it is with life for us. We are just so blessed JESUS took the nails for us. We don’t have to take it. It seems difficulties are hard but really to be honest, JESUS took the hardest part of it all for each and everyone of us who believe.

When I bowled it was tough. You just had to be tough and a heart of stone or you just would feel sorry for the opposition and give up.

In Christ, it’s a different story. We have to be tough but we are not alone. JESUS is with us. HIS LIGHT and HIS GLORY is so apparently seen, for me anyways. So, I have this hope.

Hey, the other day at our all church prayer meeting JESUS was seated in HIS throne. All bright and glorious. High and lifted up. I see this vision all the time in our church when we congregate together to worship the KING of kind and the LORD of lords.

Hey, you know what, JESUS reminded me today of Lucifer being the head of the worship team of all the angels. So when we worship and sing we need to make sure that it is JESUS we are seeking and not self adoration like Lucifer. How did this come up. In between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. Two months it took us to get to verse 2.

Christ is enough for me and I’ve really have decided to follow JESUS when I was little.


30 July 2013 at the steps with my KING


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