JESUS’ living stone

it is good to be able to walk with people who really know who JESUS is, in HIS WORD, and know that we are all in the same boat, only JESUS is perfect, we are all broken and worn out and torn up for JESUS, HIS empty vessel to be used by HIM and HIM alone,  though times are tough in every way, it’s nice to be accepted and loved for truly who I am, a weak person but in Christ HE is strong through me, in me and with me, sometimes we make mistakes and mistakes are made all the time but thanks be to God, we all know this one, HE LOVES us anyways, HE LOVES us so much HE gave HIS life for each and every single one of us, so what if I make mistakes, I’m learning the not to be crushed when I fail, so what, aaaa but what does it say in the bible when we are crushed, what a sweet sweet aroma is lifted up to the LORD …… as we seek HIS Presence in crushing ……. HIM and HIM alone ….. for correction for ……. HE only corrects those HE LOVES …… life is tough ….. so we fall down and scrape our noses along life’s journey, the thing is, is it better with JESUS by our side, or not, it’s so much better with JESUS though our hearts be purified by the FIRE of HIS Presence, for our God is a consuming FIRE, O but was HE not a FIRE by night and a cloud by day, is not HIS story interesting, when we are walking or is it running, take up your cross daily and run, run, how, walk in a manner worthy of HIS calling, drink what, the Living Water of HIS WORD, eat what, the LORD said, eat HIS Body and drink HIS Blood, eat of the manna, what is in heaven ….. the TREE of LIFE, WHO is HE, Christ our LORD, drink freely, the WORD of God, JESUS, all turns to JESUS JESUS JESUS, MESSIAH, in a nutshell, it’s as simple as abc’s hard of hearing … or seeing ……. may it never be ………. for I boast of none other than JESUS, MESSIAH, Christ crucified ……… the cross …….. refiner’s FIRE …… who refines …….. JESUS ….. of course ……… HIS Presence ……… HIS trails and testing ………. look ahead to the great tribulation that is coming before us …….. WHO and what will you choose ……… WHO is JESUS … HE fills the all in all ……….

 refine me LORD and correct me
so that I may be more and more like

did JESUS promise life would be easy, or tough, it was tough for HIM as well, look what happened to JESUS, HE got crucified for all of our sins, HE did not wrong at all, HE just said, I AM and HE is the great I AM, so …… life goes on and on and on and on ………

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