I was at church this morning for both services dancing prophetically unto the LORD and with the LORD and to the LORD. HIS Presence and the Holy Spirit were most evident. It was lovely and I just got lost lost lost in the love of the moment with JESUS JESUS JESUS. It was simply wonderful and the congregation were singing so vibrantly and passionately and loudly and I just thought as I heard their seeking the LORD with all of their heart voices. This is what it is going to be like at JESUS’ throne of grace when we see HIM Face to face. Just like what we are doing and I got so encouraged I sought the LORD and danced more passionately unto the LORD like our entire congregation. It was some experience. The response to the LORD was something amazing. I love prophetic worship in Spirit and in TRUTH.

Our visiting pastor came and delivered a wonderful sermon on loving the poor and needy and less fortunate and how we are not to neglect those who hurt.

I was brought back to a time when I was in a world championship. The sixth lady is usually a substitute. The five of us train six days a week and know each other inside out and outside in. For years and years and years. That year a short fat lady joined us. She is a farmer. Now farmers in Asia are different from other countries. She made the cut and I was informed she would be sharing a room with me. So, after squabbling with reception on the rooms I wanted for the entire team, we went up and she dashed to the door …… and exclaimed …… there’s no key. So I gently explained that it was a slip through card but she just could not fathom out how to use it. I told her she would if she needed to get back into the room and I was not there. Then she dashed into the bedroom and exclaimed. The bed is so big. I’ve never seen such a huge bed before. Indeed, I had never either. It was more than a super king. So I said she could sleep on the bed and I would use the double pull out bed. I was not fussy. In the days there, she slept at the very edge of the bed and never ever messed up the entire section of the bed and I asked her why. To which she replied, it’s far too big for me. I smiled and slept well in the sofa bed near the balcony. O I forgot she did not know how to open the balcony door. We bowled quite seriously as it was a huge tournament. One day as we sat at the top looking at the huge boards and the competitors below, our friend was posted on the huge screen in her hat. A farmer’s hat. I smiled and thought, now, who would ever catch sight of such a sight right in the middle of a world championship. She was up for at least two to three minutes. We are indoors. When we had a buffet she had complained as some of the men how salty the soup was. I questioned what soup. I never saw any soup at all. O but they insisted there was soup. Salty soup. So, I went to check for the other ladies. Alas. It was gravy. And we laughed and told them not to drink it. She never joined us again. That was the first and last time. It was a memorable occasion though. She was always very happy.

I made a lot of friends. Not only in my own team but also all around the world from all walks of life. We all cried when we lost. There was no holding back the tears. When a lady that had bowled a 300 game a week before, not make the cut, it was tears, galore.  They would look me up when they came to visit my little colony. I meant to make a mark and let the whole world know that my little colony knew exactly how to win. And we did. In the years to come ….. we won lots. And cried lots as well in every single place and country.

When you go through life it is when you stop and finish that you realize how much you have bonded with people from all walks of life, not only here ….. for when my own team mates see me again ……. they are ever smiling at me but in those times I was just lost in the moment, lost in the game. And they knew it.

I had learnt to be just …. one of them. Their way and not my way. Well, I did get my way as when they played majong, I would wash our shirts and skirts by hand and once I put so many shirts and shirts on one rack I pulled it off. They all ran into my bathroom to look at what I had done. Aiya. It was so funny. But we were worried we would have to pay for the repairs but ….. they just put it back on and we were not charged.

I ate Chinese food all over the world in a Chinese restaurant. Every time. No matter what steakhouses there were. I don’t like steak. So, what the locals eat here, we ate all over the world. One favourite was sliced beef with vegetables and rice. Now the boys were eating steaks. hahahahahahahahaha

Life is fun and mixed with lots of surprising things that happen. O I forgot to mention that I was not the Team leader nor the Captain but when it came to rooms, they all agreed I could get them all the best room where ever they wanted. Reception could never say no to me but would not even talk to them.

Why ever did the LORD bring this up in the sermon today I do not know but I know this. It was great fun being part of a team of ladies who cried just has hard as I did all around the world in any place. Least we never got slapped and wacked for missing spares.


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