through thick and thin

1 August 2013 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

What’s it all about says my JESUS to me today. HE says it’s all about just having every fiber of your being being focused on HIM. Through thick and thin. The good days, especially the bad ones. Just always. Loving JESUS day by day by day and moment by moment by moment and never ever give up seeking HIM in a higher and better place.

I’m still learning the art of losing. I just ain’t got the loser’s heart at all. Not at all I’ve found. When I think about my essays I still …… cry at my mistakes. O but, been like this all my life. Nothing has changed.

Once when our coach was so frustrated and just about yelled it out. Now, you have to understand my third coach. I’ve only had four. He just spoke so softly. So,  learnt to bowl softly. And gently. His character. Everyone of us who have been coached by him love him cos he is such a gentle and giving coach.

He came in one day and said, we are all limited by the conditions by which we have been brought up. If one is limited they are always limited. A product of our environment. So, do you just stay in one place. No, I go everywhere. So he said, let’s train.

Once during a tournament I used my old style cos it worked and when I lost he asked me why and I told him I was doing so good I did not remove the tape inside to loosen the hard grip on my thumb. He got so mad. So, what have I told you on countless occasions. Change. Change at once. You can do it. By yourself.

Well, he stormed off ….. to smoke a cigarette, outside. Maybe ten.

I never ever forgot to change places. Tapes. Body. Hand. Feet. Curve. Speed. Flip. Straight. Five steps. Four steps. Long steps. Short steps. Length of skid. ……….. and it just goes on and on and on. Ten things at the same time. Foot there. Hand here. Ball up. Ball down.

He was right though. I changed all by myself when I made mistakes.

Can you imagine bowling a 145 in a line of games that are no lower than a 190. Then you get this 145 that ruins your life that day. hahahahahahhahahaha

After that I bowled a lot of 250’s.

O with the LORD or bible study is it any different. God is with us ….. me ….. then …… now ……. just forevermore.

O the struggles of just being unable to lose ……. is a struggle …… on its own.

As he said, you can train yourself to be a winner …… or ……. a loser. It’s your own choice.

Once our team mate asked me to tell him how to win. I could not answer him. I do not know how to lose. So, I said nothing.

The world is made out of so many different kinds of people and as the Olympics is once again coming along, I am reminded of just one moment in time. It’s like this.

Every time I see JESUS it’s like a gold medal. So, I just take one step at a time ….. even with JESUS. One moment by moment by moment. O just am I just a far too focused person.

Every kairos moment in my life.

I’m also reminded that like the tower of Babel ….. not to go where I’m not allowed. In Christ JESUS.

And my journal is a story of my life. You have to know this, I’ve only had the best of the best of the best. Coaches. And others. The world’s best. At the best moment in their lives.

Everything in my life is not by chance and so …… I must try my best to make the least mistakes as possible. The lowest percentage of loss. The closest to the best try.

So, I’m never happy with just today. I want to stretch myself to places where no one has ever gone. I want to change the world. I want to change everything for the better. In every single walk of life. It just takes one person to start the ball rolling. Then others will follow. And another and another and another. It does not necessarily mean perfection needs to be achieved. It could never ever happen. Only JESUS is perfect. We just have to try.

Together as one in Christ JESUS.

One heart.

The funny thing is ……. the world out there is changing ….. and so am I …….. deep inside my heart …… closer ….. much much closer to JESUS JESUS JESUS. The world is changing out there all around me. The entire planet.

JESUS is changing the world. Our world. For the better. Dunno if you all have noticed at all. It’s changing. Slowly but surely.  The thing is this, don’t give up. Tomorrow is always, another day. A better and brighter one. Change the world. One day at a time. Patience. I’m dead serious here.



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