i am YOURS

I’ve always focused my life on my God from a very very tender age. Looking looking looking for the appearing of my God. Ever seeking HIM in ways that has no boundaries. Only for my God. The thing is this, the closer you get to a HOLY God the clearer it is in HIS LIGHT and GLORY – things not of God.

I’m in a very new place now. New to me as the buildings and the earth being dead and stuff …. man …. man …. is this what JESUS sees. What Paul saw. Now if the study of the WORD does not change the inner man …… hey ….. I don’t like to waste time. I know bible study and WORD studies are boring for some but ….. wow moments …… got Little Kittle on the WORD ……. I like to use the original word used …….. charity.

Agggggg I could write and write and write and write about what JESUS and I are talking about but to be honest. I can’t keep up. hahahahahahahahaha With JESUS. HE’S far too fast for me and HE just goes on talking and talking and talking and before I know it, HE’S on a totally different subject matter. LOL LORD JESUS.


9 August 2013 alpacas-kiss


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