the wonderful events of my day

7 April 2013 where the Spirit of the LORD is there is freedom

Life is amazing with JESUS. It truly is. I’ve spent another two weeks resting and just pondering and meditating on the LORD. It’s been an amazing time of rest for me in Christ JESUS. Time alone with God is one of the best times of one’s life. There is nothing compared to quiet and intimate time with the LORD. You just come out smelling like roses.

Our journey starts when we are aware of the existence of God. When we seek HIM wholeheartedly and never stop. Our journey ends here on this earth when we see JESUS Face to face and our everlasting promise from the LORD to be with HIM is made complete when we leave earth. We all have eternity in our hearts.

I woke up this morning with great expectation in my heart to seek the LORD corporately and the LORD is full of surprises. I went into a very quiet and still still place with JESUS.

The LORD has been telling me these past couple of days to keep HIS WORD deep in my heart and never forget them. To hide them in my heart and keep them in the most intimate place. The WORD the LORD has been using is the WORD, Spirit. I’ve been for the last couple of months taking in gulps of breath. Breath from the LORD. The Holy Spirit. It leaves me gasping for air as the air is very heavy. You all know that the Holy Spirit is very heavy, right, though light.  The Holy Spirit has been especially heavy lately for months and months and months. Or is it perhaps all year long.

I used to dance unto the LORD and with the LORD in Spirit as I could not do so but ever since our church has given us the opportunity to dance prophetically, my Spirit life has spiralled. With a huge boom boom boom. It’s like my only desire apart from the study of God’s WORD and worship is to dance with JESUS and meet with HIM, Face to face.

Choices. Our choices all our life long matter. To choose biblical choices. Like I’ve said, the Old Testament is not there just to fill up space. It’s there so that we can understand the nature of who our God is. HIS Godly character. HE is a HOLY God. Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh. If Moses was left behind. Our pride can stop us from progressing. We all remember the story of all those kings who lifted themselves up instead of the LORD and fell miserably. Lessons to be learnt.

We use history books to learn what to do and what not to do.

Scripture is the most important history of all time. It leads us to a close and more intimate time with our LORD JESUS who is the Christ.  Like in the Old Testament our LORD is a FIRE by night and a cloud by day. Open the eyes of our hearts LORD that we may see YOUR Face. Day by day by day and moment by moment by moment.

With such a peace filled heart in the still still waters I sought the LORD and HE answered me.

In the stillness of it all, I did not move nor breathe heavily but softly and gently like the breeze of the Holy Spirit and I saw past the Millennium gate.

The entry into the Throne Room was blazing in the LIGHT of Christ. Pure bright white LIGHT emanating from Christ HIMSELF and it is according to Scripture. I looked and looked and looked.

I saw the pillars into the entry of the most holy of places. The pillars were pure white and JESUS’ LIGHT was shining though and through and through. HIS LIGHT shone throughout. 

I was dressed in a pure white gown of white. It was most beautiful. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked for my Saviour. HE came and HE held my hand.  

I stood as still as still as could be so that I could see in the Spirit, this most holy place the LORD was granting me in our Sunday School worship. I spoke not a word but just kept very very still. As still as still as could be.

In our Sunday service, I continued to seek the LORD in this most holy place and sang with all of my heart and mind and strength. Seeking HIM, LORD JESUS and HIM alone. I was not disappointed.

The LORD took me in a dance of my life. HE took me across the universe. O I thought to myself. Nothing on earth is big enough for the dance JESUS and I have. We danced all across the universe in twirls and swirls and I almost got dizzy. I was so hot. On FIRE for JESUS. I could not contain this dance that the LORD was taking me. I had to stop and take a breath and cool down. I was boiling.


Then the LORD took me on a dance across all Scripture. The times and the things that happened and HE took me to HIS cross and we danced. The LOVE song of my life. I was truly amazed and perplexed why JESUS took me there.

Then to my amazement. With JESUS before me, like at the steps into the most holy place in the Millennium, I stroked the Face of our LORD JESUS. HIS nose. Gently. Ever so gently. Ever so lightly. And I ran my finger over HIS lips. In tenderness and love. I touched HIS eyes by drawing them with my finger. And HIS arms.

And then our worship was over. Our corporate worship.  

19 April 2013 lions-kiss-cindy-elsharouni

The study of the Synoptic Gospels in Global University.


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