the fight goes on

We are all seeking the LORD into a closer and deeper and more intimate place with HIM. We are all examined by the LORD God Almighty who knows our hearts as HE is the only ONE who knows the true condition of our hearts.

We used to sing this song in our Youth Group and it was fun. I find it so funny that the LORD who has called all of us by HIS will and HIS purposes and HIS calling in our hearts can bring to pass HIS will through years to come through HIS refiner’s FIRE of HIS HOLY Presence in our lives. It’s like a scroll. The tapestry of the WORD opening up and in it we find ourselves so deeply and intimately woven in the life with Christ JESUS. Each individual. In the DNA of who HE is.

Our glorious calling.


Is this really how I was fashioned by my Father who art THOU in heaven before the foundations of the world. HIS very own child. Near and dear to HIM. HE fashioned me, HIS very own child, to be raised of HIS and HIS alone.

4 October 2012 jesusandchildren

Do you get kissed regularly by the LORD JESUS who is the Christ, MESSIAH.
I do.
A kiss from heaven, I call it.

This LOVE story will never ever end for all eternity long as I hold on to the PROMISE every day of my life. I take possession of this land with the LORD who has so graciously granted me, with HIM and HIM alone.

13 May 2013 a


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