WHAT a life – linking up with Holley Gerth in her Coffee for Your Heart

We are all connecting to Holly Gerth today as she has so kindly allowed us to share not only our posts on her website but also all her pins. She has been most generous to all of us ladies. So, thanking Holley for her pins which she allows me to share them and my post today. It’s a wonderful post btw.

We are all linked up to

 Coffee for Your Heart



Coffee for Your Heart 150


I saw the path laden with gold before me and all around it filled with LIGHT. The path was straight and narrow.

Upwards. I danced on and on and on happily.

18 October 2012 March-to-Heaven

Then all of a sudden I saw JESUS’ heart as I leaned into HIS chest.

Like John the beloved.

As I leaned in nearer and nearer, I saw that JESUS’ heart was on FIRE for me.

26 December 2012 peace power and purity HEART-Blessings1


So, I gently leaned into HIS heart and kissed it.

I kissed the heart of JESUS today.


All throughout the vision I heard this song.

And I heard these words …..

I have decided to follow JESUS


Christ is enough for me.



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