I stop and think sometimes
for quite a while really
and then I look back
just suddenly
and find out the years have passed me by
so quickly
where has the time gone
it’s like I’m living in a dream
with the LORD
it used to be with my Father
but now
it’s HIS SON and the Holy Spirit
all this talking talking talking
does JESUS ever top talking
O dear
may it never ever be
like I said
some of the time I stop
for years
and then when I look back and remember
it seems like so much has changed
in me
in circumstances
in life
just everything
when this happens
I still look at that dream and vision
and no matter what
it will happen
so I just wait and wait and wait
on the LORD
HE brings it to pass in such a way
I could never ever have imagined
it’s like reading a brand new book
not all over again
but a new one
a brand new one
and then I gaze into HIS eyes of bright LIGHT
and say
thank YOU for the experience

2 May 2013 soaking_presence


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