I’ve never been here before


I honestly just have to be me, just me the LORD has created me to be. Please, just let me get on with it. I AM is satisfied. HE is satisfied. HE is happy. I’m tired. I can’t keep up.
So I wake up this morning and all I hear is Yahweh Yahweh I want to call YOUR Name O LORD. Try it sometime. Or, always. It’s tiring.
And what do I see, mountains. I thought mountains covered in snow. But the LORD said, they are not snow covered snow mountains. You are standing on my LIGHT covered mountains. Your mountain top experience. You’ve never been here before.
I’m soaked, totally and utterly soaked. My bed is covered with the oils of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes my husband says, it was so hot last night I was boiling. I told him that the Holy Spirit is anointing us as we sleep and dream and get on with it. I just need to get on with it.
And then JESUS said, I AM sent you. Tell them, I AM sent you.
To be honest, I feel like Moses when HE says that to me this morning.


1 August 2014 mountainsoverclouds_c99b4c858d3a95568c47f324f503c65e1864


16 July 2012 dance with me LORD LOVER of my heart to the song of all songs



Spider Tree, Japan


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