This morning when I woke up …… I heard this song. Then the LORD, HE has been reminding me of the times when I get bent and twisted and pruned and twirled until I look just right in the eyes of the LORD. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Then I go looking for trees …. this song and trees ….. Then HE tells me how beautiful I am all bent and twisted according to HIS will and purpose …. then I find this tree and it’s so me. Sitting on the way I’ve been twisted into the conformity of HIS will and ways. High ways. HIS narrow gate. This is supposedly beautiful. How beautiful we are.


1 August 2014 10003934_10152002833998527_111998704_n


And JESUS waters us in HIS quiet still still waters when we are weeping silently in HIS arms and seeking HIM in our weakest and tormenting times of pain and suffering. And in all of it, HE places us in this place. Our eyes but blinding by grief and pain and our LORD JESUS showering us with HIS LIGHT and GLORY ……..

Emerald in nature

Then we arrive at this place, says HE, says JESUS. This place of beauty. Eventually. All of us. In this place of absolute beauty. One day. On that day when we see HIM Face to face. Amazing, right. HE shows me this picture.

Look at us. Green and luscious and well fed and nurtured until we arrive in this perfect place and perfect.

O LORD JESUS, we are surely without excuse for in all of creation YOU have shown us who YOU are and what YOU are doing in our lives. Each and every single one of us. Teach us O LORD, YOUR ways. YOUR high ways. YOUR narrow path to walk along where we can know YOU more and more and more for all eternity. O LORD JESUS, thank YOU for all that YOU have taught me and nurtured me and fed me along the way in YOUR quiet still still waters. Let YOUR GLORY and YOUR most pure bright white LIGHT fall upon me now and forevermore. Amen.





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