JESUS’ passion

is the passion of our LORD a daily occurrence, a never forgotten – in the back of our mind thing, or is it only on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and then HE is forgotten, for me, JESUS is ever – not only risen and in HIS GLORY but also like this, my gift from HIM, a blessing from above, from a very young age, I was fascinated by what it all meant, what did it really mean, I was seven, I believed but …… what really does it all mean and why can’t I really know the true meaning and see ……. see …… so at the age of my early twenties I started to have still visions of the crucifixion when I prayed, when I started to read the bible like crazy, my life may not be ordinary but it’s blessed, blessed by the Presence of the Christ, in such a way, there is no parting of my God and me, I do not even know when I did not believe or that I did not know God was near, I cannot believe it, as the years go on and on and on and on …….. the clarity of whom my God is ….. all of who HE is …….. gets clearer and clearer and the deeper I follow HIM,  this clarity and vision expands …… there is more and more of JESUS and less of me, the oneness of what HE talks about is so …. true and fulfilling and satisfying and my passion to know HIM more grows, deeper, deeper and deeper in love with JESUS ………… our love story goes on and on and on and on and on ………

how many times …… I’ve been found here ………
love love love
right up close and personal
love love love

LOVE casts out all fear
the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom

we are nothing without JESUS JESUS JESUS

only HE, JESUS is, and we, just in submission and surrender to HIM and HIM alone ……….

I want to know YOU more and more and more LORD JESUS, I want to kiss YOU more and more and more, I want to kiss YOUR heart more and more and more and more, I love YOU JESUS JESUS JESUS, I’m crazy for YOU LORD JESUS,

there are no walls between us LORD JESUS

the GLORY of the LORD is in this place
my heart


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