JESUS’ symphony

I am so in love with YOU

 it’s a time to remember YOU LORD JESUS of what YOU’VE done for me so that I may have life eternal with YOU and LORD JESUS, though I hear this song of words being few, I have so many words to tell you how much I love YOU LORD JESUS, how much I’m in love with YOU, not only YOUR resurrected body but also YOUR crucified body ….. for without YOU coming in flesh, our eternity would never have come about and we would still be waiting for our Salvation, YOU LORD JESUS, O JESUS JESUS JESUS, I’m so in love with YOU, LORD JESUS, I was born for this, all my life, a time with YOU, standing before YOU like ……… there is no time nor any existence of anything but YOU YOU YOU LORD JESUS and me, a mere sinner, how precious are the words of this sinner before YOU and how happy YOU feel in YOUR heart LORD JESUS, I stand in awe of YOU LORD JESUS …………..

 my song which YOU have just given me to sing back to YOU LORD JESUS

singing love songs to


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