JESUS paid the price, once and for all, for all mankind, for those who believe that HE is the SON of God and we get eternal life with the Father, HIS Son, JESUS and the Holy Spirit forever and ever and ever for all time. No time span, just always.

I look back at my life and count the cost of following my God. My Father who art THOU in heaven. HIS Son, JESUS who is the Christ, MESSIAH and last but not least, the Holy Spirit.

What life.

What a cost.

As funny and absurd as it may sound to me. More. I need to submit and surrender more of myself unto the LORD. HIS very own request upon me.

Sweet surrender.

Indeed it is a fight to the very end. The bitter end. For me anyways cos I never ever say die. I will always get up and fight back. I’ll not say no. To my God. To my FAther who art THOU in heaven. To JESUS and to the Holy Spirit.

Till my last breath.

More surrender. More submission. Less of me.

I have to say it gets easier and easier as time goes by like the wind.

O so the LORD has this thing that we do. Chat and stuff about things and well.

Sometimes, just sometimes I doubt if I’m sane and then when I ‘see all this LIGHT and look into the Face of JESUS, I say to myself. Nah. I’m not mad.


I’m not trying to escape from anything. What’s there to escape from. Life is great.

I’m not fully consecrated unto the LORD. HIS will will be done according to HIS purpose and ways. HIS high ways. I hear very clearly. I stop. In life, HE said, did you love my child, those around you or did you just love yourself and what you want and not what I want in your life.

I stop in life and wait. I wait quietly and patiently and dutifully. As my Father’s child.

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