this is difficult to comprehend

Someone gave up their salvation …..
how could one give up so joyous a salvation is beyond my comprehension.

This Armenian position I’m taking is new to me and it was just so much easier to believe that once saved …. always saved .. the Calvinist. Life was so simple.


We make choices daily whether to hear God’s voice and follow HIM or go our own way.

Sin is like some disease. It seeps in without us knowing and grows bigger and bigger and bigger before we even know it.

Unless of course you are walking the walk with Christ and Christ alone.

The enemy is not going to say ….. here I come … to get you to follow me ….. loud and clear and big and strong …… it’s deceiving and as Satan is a Father of lies …..

When I was at bible study years ago there was some big debate among those who have been studying God’s WORD all their life.

Salvation and being born again of the Spirit.

We were always reminded that Spirit and Truth go hand in hand and neither one can go without the other.

The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy.

JESUS came with the sword.

The sword of the Spirit.

7 April 2013 gurard you mind and heart with the WORD


I’ve been clearing out my study as it’s spring time. And all I can think about is ……

How can one lose so precious a salvation.

And the great falling away.

The harvest is ready.


The LORD says in all of this

– limit the causalities ………

We have a responsibility to equip this generation. Our youth so that they can fight a good fight of faith in Spirit and in TRUTH. To lift up their swords and take the land for JESUS.

It’s all about the heart. Only God can see our hearts. The true condition of each and every heart ….

18 September 2012 cross-as-a-bridge

After passing through the valley of death into life ……. to give up is a great pity …… it was by choice.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in a berry berry good place in this walk with my Saviour.

See, I’m the big purple one just below the huge white one. Fully blooming, in smiles and laughter and giggles.

1 August 2014 c2d430aedef39bdbdf2bdbf958f0408c

God is good, all the time.

Heard this song from my Father this morning when I woke up.

HE knows my Name.

Thank YOU my Father.

1 August 2014 GTF09-Grace-BEACH-SCENEkl

I love this version.

1 August 2014 3b367c04d8acaceb720442e57197b359

1 August 2014 0058-man-worshipping-God


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