deeply touched

The LORD is taking me on an incredible journey. It’s amazing. Life is wonderful.

I asked the professor of our Global University about this loss of salvation and what it all means now that I take the Armenian like my church, and he answered me. Brief and to the point. I get it. Love these short answers, to the point.

As I said, the LORD is doing a wonderful work in my heart. Through the study of HIS WORD, the Synoptic Gospels and the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

We have just completed the Synoptic Gospels and it’s been a wonderful journey for all of us. We have accomplished much. Our professor taught us a lot and gave us lots of wonderful extras and maps and to be honest, it’s been fun. We all enjoyed it to the utmost.

This morning the LORD who showed me how big HE is a month ago by showing me all the galaxies, brought me to a very small small place and told me …… 

I AM here.

Can you imagine this. It’s just such an amazing journey it’s wonderful.

And when HE showed me HIS beauty …………. and me a part of HIM, Christ JESUS this is.

I was so touched.


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