running wild and free ….. again …….

Progressive revelation is when God reveals to us HIS nature and HIS will and HIS purpose for us. In these last weeks as it gets closer and closer to the celebration of the death and resurrection of our LORD JESUS who is the Christ, MESSIAH ….. my Saviour reveals to me more of HIMSELF and what HE had to go through for my salvation.

The stench of the smell of the place of the crucifixion was torrid. The smell of blood and flesh.

I have never really thought of flesh as a smell itself but now the torrid smell of the flesh, sin, itself, gives such a disgusting aroma ….. it is no wonder …. our Father in heaven could not look upon JESUS as HE took all of our sins on the cross.

As I child I used to go to the Cathedral where JESUS was carrying HIS cross and I used to touch all the areas of HIS body that bled and wondered why HE looked so dejected. It was an ever search for me to understand why the Son of my God had to go through such a terrible death. It was in these years of seeking after these things of the Spirit that the LORD finally answered my call in my mid twenties.

Then things began to go wrong in my life and I had to stop my search …… for a decade …. until the right time came …..

Now, JESUS is showing me the dreadful place HE was crucified. Now, older and wiser, as I look around and smell and know the difference between the carnal and the spirit man …. my eyes can see and my nose can smell ……. a part of the crucifixion of what it all means ……. what it truly means ….. and heart feels peace in this holy ground that was filled with the evilness of all the world ………

and I run run run ……. this wild and free heart of mine ……….. the LORD, HE gives me someone to run with …….. JESUS is amazing ……….

I have this wild and free nature that the LORD created in me and I was born free …….. so …….. this freedom I’m able to express in my walk with JESUS is an amazing place to be in ……… a place of peace and holiness and grace and mercy and love …… most important ….. a peaceful ground ……. though so true ……….

cherry blossom


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