We were at family dinner last night and the TV was on in the restaurant and there was this program of people who were seeking peace and lack of stress and they looked just like us Christians reaching and seeking out to our HOLY God.

But they were seeking something or someone else.

I was devastated.

Only God knows the heart of a man. How can we discern or tell what is in the heart of a person. We cannot. Only God can. So, HE separates the goats from HIS very own cherished sheep. HE tells those who healed in his name to leave HIM. Did they heal in HIS Name or some other name.

The true condition of the heart is a very complex and unending process of sanctification and purification. It’s a life long process. Someone can look the type but in their hearts they might tell you fifty years later, well, they do not really believe but just went with the flow of things.

Hey, they looked the part. Did the things. Never really went out and about.

It’s a matter of the heart. In the end. They even sounded the part.

This journey is getting more and more complex.

I’m a truly blessed cookie.

It feels like an enormous task which is impossible really. But saying this, I can just rest and love JESUS and live according to the WORD of God and in the end …. what is the will of God …. will be done …… God is greater than anything of this world ……..

I no longer seek for anything of this world or even recognition.

I just seek my


Christ JESUS our LORD


It truly is daunting task before us.

I’ll just live and rest in Christ and let go and let God.  Truly time will tell. Who is and who isn’t.

This does not make me lose heart. It makes me feel like when I was young and how much I need to seek God. And never give up. Nothing in this world is of any worth at all. Only God is worth anything at all. We are not even worth even a speck dust in God’s timing. It really is only by HIS grace that we have been called and called and called into HIS everlasting kingdom. Nothing that we’ve done on our own but before the foundations of the earth, we were called into HIS purpose and HIS will and HIS ways. Final. It’s all God and none of us.

Man is so gullible. Like Eve. What an embarrassment to women. In the end, we are just women. Just women. Only women. We all fail and fall short of the GLORY of God.

How far in this journey I’ve come. How much I’ve walked along life’s journey with JESUS. How hard the struggle has been. Not of anything of this world. Just the heart. Fighting a good fight of faith. Fighting to stay on path. The narrow gate. It’s so easy to give up and never seek God again but I’m a fighter. I just will never ever give up. This is me and it has always been me.

What a daunting task ahead of us. Darkness is growing rapidly.

Do we really know that spirit that lives in man. This is the question.

Is it the Holy Spirit or some other spirit.

Good journey. It’s never ending.

There are consequences to our rebellion against a HOLY God. It’s either heaven and everlasting life with Christ our LORD and our Father and the Holy Spirit and all the heavenly hosts


everlasting damnation in hell forevermore with the devil and his band of rebellious evil ones.

It’s your choice.

There ain’t nothing but JESUS on this blog. And there ain’t nothing but JESUS in my mind and heart and soul and strength and spirit. It’s all only JESUS JESUS JESUS in my heart.


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