from glory to glory

 19 April 2013 warrior-bride--the-anointed-todd-l-thomas

It sure is a tough journey in the spiritual realm. It’s exhausting. Know how Daniel felt.

I’ve just completed the study of the Synoptic Gospels in Global University in Assemblies Of God in our church. It has been some journey. It’s heart breaking. I’ve been changed by the study.

It’s about change of heart and the circumcision of the heart. Not the outward but the inward man. Changed forever. It really saddened me that Israel and Judah could not accept JESUS as MESSIAH. I have Jewish heritage in my blood and am a remnant that JESUS has preserved for HIS GLORY and HIS Namesake. Not that I have done anything of my own or deserve this privilege but only, HIS and HIS alone. Christ’s alone.

Many have suffered persecution, even unto death for the gospel to be preserved and untainted by this world. They have kept this Treasure well in tact. From the First Century Church till today. Many are crucified to the cross of our LORD JESUS who is the Christ. Many have crucified self so that only JESUS, the risen Christ and HIS Holy Spirit can do their work in our lives. The Father, HIS Son and the Holy Spirit. Many do not dare to even cry lest their tears might take the place of JESUS.

21 August 2011 easter-1

A life surrendered and submitted to the KING of kings and the LORD of lords.

I have learnt much.

18 September 2012 cross-as-a-bridge

A voice like John the Baptist, crying out, prepare ye the way of the LORD. Make the paths straight.

Self denial so that only

Christ is revealed.

Not man. Fallen man.

It’s about a voice crying out from the desert. It’s a voice like JESUS spoken to the multitudes. But many turned and walked away for with the cross is the cost of discipleship. A life proven and washed with the WORD, this is the BLOOD and the Spirit.

Pentecost is coming.

There is a great and glorious outpouring for those who seek the KING of kings and the LORD of lords.

The portal this year is wider than it has ever been before.

22 March 2013 Alpha and Omega

Enjoy your journey.

I plunge forward and upward. Never looking back. The path before me is led by the GLORY and the LIGHT of the LORD.

I plunge deeper and deeper in the holiest places of the LORD. Into Christ. Only in HIM is my hope to be found.

The world is changing around me. For Christ


darkness is spreading and abounding.

I will not look back. My hand clung tightly to Christ, my Bridegroom. My First Love. Christ our LORD.


Our ‘

Prophetic Intercessor Warrior Bride’



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