HOLY week

I’ve entered deeper into the Holiest of places and you would not believe what I see
I heard this
be THEE my vision
after I saw this
God’s Presence
the Holy Spirit
the Presence of the LORD is everywhere
and there are people everywhere
they are pure white
whiter than I’ve ever seen anyone
so many
so very many
this is what the air looks like
no blue
just all white
the LORD said
stay the course
stay the course
you stayed the course
and this is your reward
there are tears in mine eyes
my kairos moment
this Easter
as many head to the cross
I’ve enter deeper into the Holiest of places
to reach deeper for my
Christ JESUS
be THOU my vision O LORD JESUS
be THOU my vision
be my eyes O LORD JESUS
not my eyes but YOUR eyes
not my heart but YOURS
YOURS and YOURS alone
I only dared to dream of a moment like this
do not hide YOURSELF from me O LORD JESUS
show YOURSELF strong and majestic O LORD JESUS
I shall pled my case these next couple of days
before the KING of kings and the LORD of lords
in HIS Presence


this is truly
an avalanche


HE says, I AM the LORD your God ………..

22 March 2013 Alpha and Omega

hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah ……………

this is all I hear
I’ve found this song

The Irish flavour keeps coming up and finally after lots of asking the LORD why HE chooses to go that way.

When I was teaching Sunday School in my early twenties there was an Irish nun in charge of our Sunday School and also an Irish priest.

It is time. This is for Pope Francis.

God says, do not torment and torture my saints any longer.

God says in Genesis, HE fashioned woman as man’s companion


it was not good for man to be alone.


Allow the breathern to marry.

The priests to marry.

The nuns to marry.

This is the message.

This message is clear.

Very clear.

Otherwise I will be kept in this place as God keeps calling calling. The other way is obviously not working.

God’s blessing to you all this Easter as you all seek JESUS, our Father, the Holy Spirit this Easter. HIS gift for you all.

Keeping in line with the kairos moments the LORD opens the heavens and speaks special moments.


Holley Gerth’s

God sized dreams


Coffee for Your Heart



An InLinkz Link-up


Coffee for Your Heart 150

for the saints

who need deliverance for more vision.

God’s vision for them.

I hate it when people say, are you sure you got it right. Pray about it more before you say it ……. my gosh ……… I just want to say it …..

This is just 4 U as you have not held me back and allowed me to plunge forward and upwards for Christ.


Thank you for your prayers.


19 April 2013 warrior-bride--the-anointed-todd-l-thomas

I’m a warrior. A fighter. I always have been. But sometimes …….. it’s not good to fight …… just wait for the right moment.

This Synoptic Gospel business with Global University in Assemblies Of God.

What a life changer.


Dove's heart wings
a heart dove

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