suffer the little children

what have I learnt this trip from JESUS, when I was young, I saw the poor and the hungry children being fed by hand, this is what JESUS is saying to my heart and softening it in this area of my heart, feed the hungry children with our own hands, personally, and their heart will open and be touched by our love for Christ and finally, one day, when they have learned how to trust, again, they will find it in their hearts, to trust in the LORD, and accept JESUS, as their LORD and Saviour, let us not be lazy and allow our love to wax cold, lest we be spat out, use the hands we have been given and feed the hungry children in our very own neighbourhood, they are starving, not only for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they are craving for a love that only be found in a heart that bears the nail for Christ JESUS, our LORD, feed HIS hungry children, there is so much waste in our homes and cities, from offices and companies as well, JESUS never turned away the hungry children from HIS midst, let us not do the same, and feed them from the very clean hands, the LORD has blessed for HIS Namesake, for JESUS, HIS love for HIS babies ……….. I lift this up to my Father who is in heaven ………. HIS will be done and not mine ……. in JESUS’ Name I pray …… amen.

and JESUS says not to just send the food there but to give it to the poor and hungry broken child ourselves, for if you do this, his heart will be touched, for whom you feed, will never forget the moment you cured their aching aching stomachs, look them straight into their eyes, which will take you right into their hearts, and, not only have you fed the pain in their stomachs, but, also the pain in their hearts, and just for a moment, their headache will cease to throb …….. feed the hungry babies in our very own neighbourhoods ….. for JESUS ……. do you hear the children’s silent cries ….. do you hear their silent sobbing ….. the wrenching in their wee hearts …… do you see them …… those who do not want you to see their pain ……. look look look …… with your heart ……. can you hear the wrenching sobs of these children in your neighbourhood …… hear them with your heart …… and then and only then …… will you hear the thunderous voice from the LORD God Almighty calling out to you in a great and mighty roar ……… and your heart will not cease to weep for those our Father calls out to …… HIS very own children ……..

change the world and prepare ye the way of the LORD …..

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