my imaginary Friend

my imaginary friend, when I was little I used to play with God, my imaginary Friend, my Father who art Thou in heaven, what about you you you, did you do this, like me me me, probably not, and at the end of my life, the end of this very long and arduous road, so long, like the forty years Israel went round and round the mountain again and again and again, but, for me, this remnant, has found a place, so near to JESUS, to find my way home to my Father who art Thou in heaven, well, my imaginary Friend, it seems that I’m reversing back to my  youth, my First LOVE, hey, we are talking under the age of five here, can you beat this them there apples of blessings poured forth on my life, O thank you for allowing me space and room to find my way home, it’s my turn, everyone needs a turn and it’s my turn, finally, at least when I face JESUS, Face to face, it will be, I let them go first and I went last, the last will be the first right …………..

14 September 2012 fire dance

hey, you think I’m joking, FIRE FIRE FIRE, all FIRE, for our God is a consuming FIRE, the Presence of a HOLY HOLY HOLY God ……….. my imaginary FRIEND …………..


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