a path laid with white flowers

Daisies... by sarsmis on flickr


how long this journey has been, this morning what do you think I see, LIGHT, and pretty white flowers and you know what, you know what, JESUS laid HIS path before us, HIM and me, with flowers and HE reminded me when I was laying a path of red flowers for HIM to walk on, and HE has blessed me for my love for HIM with a path of flowers of us to walk along and talk and cherish and love each other, what a wonderful journey, O there are storms  but JESUS is with me through every storm, I just had to hold on,  in a really good place ….. just this perfect place with JESUS, I so needed this break of two weeks and just relax and enjoy my life really, I truly needed it, balance, I’m in the right church the right place and the right country and the right person and people, it’s nice and peaceful, I’m just enjoying the ride JESUS is giving me, so graciously granting me ………


White FlowerS


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