I’ve been asked to write about brokenness in our prayer meeting today for someone who is broken.

The thing is, we are all broken beings. Broken spirit beings. Created by God. Elohim. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, we are all broken beings. No one is exempt. It surely is a tragedy.

But, the LORD has provided.

Christ our LORD.

JESUS is our Saviour and HIS work in our lives is to conform us into HIS image. HE takes us and HE molds us.

It’s a very painful process to be molded and bent and twisted and plucked off from things that are not good for us. Things that are not Scriptural. Not of God. We become changed.

We are likened to a tree like JESUS, bent in excruciating pain, as we conform and surrender and submit to the LORD, throughout life’s long and arduous journey.

We look like this in the end.

Angel Oak tree

How long a journey it is to be submitted and surrendered to Christ JESUS  conformed into HIS image.

And then one fine day ……… here we are …….. sitting majestically ……. looking and viewing life ……… happily ……….

1 August 2014 10003934_10152002833998527_111998704_n

Our hearts surrendering into the same process.

And mended by JESUS’ own hands.

Broken Heart, Mended Heart photo: my last break hearts-3.jpg

Brokenness is a life long process until we see JESUS Face to face.

JESUS takes care of us HIMSELF.

HE holds us in HIS very own hand throughout life’s long process of sanctification.

JESUS is the Tree of LIFE in Revelations.

Look at each and everyone of us.

JESUS’ LIGHT is shining through us.

Look at our hearts.

JESUS’ LIGHT is shining through our hearts as well.

broken heart photo: heart broken heart.jpg

Take heart, JESUS says, for HE has overcome the world.

This is what we all look like.


Are we not.



2 thoughts on “brokenness

  1. Thanks, bent and twisted until we become beautiful works of His Hand – as I go through this difficult journey of submission and surrender, may He always always always bless me with His light!

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