a feather landed on my lap

We’ve been busy packing right. hahahahahahahahaha You just got to see the mess I’ve created. I do not have a maid anymore and used her bath as a storage room. The dust and mess in that room now that I’ve thrown 90 % of the stuff out out out. hahahahahahaha My husband informs me I can clean it down and out after the move but when I look at it. It needs Tilex. And all will be gone gone gone in a wiff. Gone gone gone. The dust and the lot. 

Thinking of washing all my huge rugs one morning when the sun is out all day. Four rugs and two runners. I’ll leave the small ones for later after our month’s holiday. 

So, as we have been going through this packing. With only time out to eat or church. 

One day a feather flew in and landed on my lap. 

In my panic.


The bird flu of course.

H9N1 now right.

I chucked it out immediately and then thought. 

O no. 

Might be the Holy Spirit.

So many have experienced this ……….

Too late


I was busy thinking about packing.

Why have I remembered.

Elijah List today.





Today Pam Seaward came to minister to us and she reminded us how important it is to listen to the the LORD and do as HE says.

So, just today when I tried to get her to pray for my grandson and it just did not happen.

I truly believe in the kairos moments.

So, I asked the LORD why.

HE told me why as HE answered me immediately.


Two funny.

O well, this happy and contented bride of Christ will get back to the packing with my loving husband.

Thank the LORD and praise the LORD for my loving and kind and understanding husband. 

Our God is an awesome God.




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