I played the game of collecting every country’s pins

it was really boring when I was not bowling
I played the collect every country’s pin game
I win

In my heart, I really like these two but I cannot remember why. I just remember after finishing the doubles and walking to the toilet. I have no recollection of the Masters at all.  Absolutely none whatsoever. Or even ever winning this. But I still like it. To be honest I thought there weren’t this many.

Scary. hahahahahahahahaha


Like when I lost an entire game in Brazil …… or …… a complete block of six games …….. 1301 …….. and then bowled another 1300 ……. but have no recollection of ever bowling those twelve games. 

I just remember Eric saying, smiling.

The only thing in the game I remember is Eric telling the girls not to talk to me at all. And they did not.


He just said, focus, to me.


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