I touched JESUS tonight in our all church prayer meeting

Dancing in the Spirit -- by Jennifer Page


Tonight at our All Church Prayer worship JESUS appeared to me and I touched HIS face and eyes and eye brows and hair. 

I had a most intimate time with JESUS. 

I saw the Throne Room of Christ JESUS our LORD where the worshipers were dancing and worshiping the LORD wholeheartedly. 



2 thoughts on “I touched JESUS tonight in our all church prayer meeting

  1. I’m quite shy and probably won’t comment often, but I found your blog through the Five Minute Friday link up and I’m so glad I did. I sometimes feel very peculiar and alone in the way that I relate to Jesus and I have been asking Him for a long time if only He would show me someone that related to Him in a similar way- and I found your blog and I knew that was His answer. Especially in the last few days, I’ve been feel more than usually vulnerable and just weird because of the things that He’s asked me to share and reading your posts was like a soothing balm. Thank you for sharing these beautiful and intimate moments of worship.

    1. You’re welcome, Jenny.
      Blessing you with more intimate times with JESUS. More and more and more. Blessing you to share your beautiful and most intimate moments with JESUS with others so that they will know that HE is God.
      We are in this together as one in Christ JESUS our LORD and Saviour. The great I AM.
      Be blessed blessed blessed in Christ JESUS. For Christ JESUS.

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