it’s not a popularity contest

The last couple of days the LORD has been speaking to my heart.

Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.

I looked it up and found that it’s the attributes of the LORD that we are to be perfect in. Not the perfection of this world. But the very nature of God. The LORD God Almighty.

I was edified.

Last night in worship I passed the banners around to the ladies around me and they worshiped. They worshiped the KING of kings and the LORD of lords.

When our church prayer meeting had ended one of the ladies came up to thank me. She gave me a hug.

I was very touched by her gesture after worshiping the LORD.

The LORD spoke to my heart that we are all in very different seasons and in very different places. Who is to judge each other whether we are good enough or not. JESUS is our Covenant Partner.

Today I met with a friend for lunch. A late lunch that went on for three and a half hours. My husband and I had a wonderful time with her. We’ve aged. When we look at the creases in our faces …… but then the LORD reminded me of this today ……

Is any one of us perfect. Without blemish.

Not one.

We are only washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb.

We are all sinners depending on Christ JESUS our LORD, our LORD and Saviour.

Who is to say who is who and who really knows the heart of another person.

No one does. Not one. No one is god.

Only the LORD God Almighty is the LORD God.

Which brings me to last night.

I’ve learnt so much these last three years from my friend. She really really knows how to be a friend. She is a very quiet person but with so much to give about life in Christ JESUS. It’s never ending really.

I’ve learned not to fear being myself.

When I bowled or even in my early years, I would give in to people just to get them off my back. But in church I found that they thought it was weakness and brainless and without a hope, ever.

For the first time in my life, I felt condemned. So, I fought for my rights to be me. The real me. The real deal.

I was brought up a very devout Catholic and lived a moral life style.

In this day and age, it’s few and far between. People are all expected to join in a life that is far from being pure of the LORD.

But I’ve come to realize that I’m demeaning others by not allowing them to know the real me. The real deal. The person the LORD created me to be. I’m basically calling them stupid cos I’m refusing to allow them to know the real me. I’m demeaning the person God created in them as well by saying, LORD, they could not possibly understand who I am in YOU LORD JESUS.

My husband and I had a misunderstanding yesterday cos he thought I meant something that was not very nice. In thought. But I corrected him and said that I would never think that way. You wouldn’t. No, I most certainly would not.

I fought for my rights. My thoughts. Pure thoughts.

He accepted it.

I’m standing up for myself.

When I bowled I got to choose the years bowling uniforms cos I did really well the year before. Now, I love bright girly colours. The ladies were horrified. They are conservatives. Like dark blue. hahahahahahahaha But I chose these colours. And we wore them that year. All year long. I was delighted. This is just an example. But the real colours. 

The year later they got to choose and I just bought bright bowling balls and bags and accessories.

Sometimes you just got to fight for your rights.

Calling all women believers. Stand up for  yourselves. Don’t play the doormat like I did. I was wrong. Do not be a people pleaser. Be a God pleaser. Do not demean who the LORD created you to be. Do not slap the LORD in HIS face by saying HE has not created us not good enough.

We are good enough.

Stand up and live Godly lives according to Scripture.

But most of all, as we love the LORD with all of our hearts and minds and strength, love our neighbour as ourselves.

I’m beginning to get the last part of this verse. 

To love my neighbour as myself. 

I’m growing.

God’s growing me.

Why and how. 

Cos a friend decided that I was worth it. 

She cares.

It’s friendship day on the 2 August is it.

A big thank you and a huge hug and lots of I love you..s two you. 



2 thoughts on “it’s not a popularity contest

    1. Thank you Jenny. You shine for JESUS and share all that the LORD gives you in visions and dreams. I learnt a lot from the Quickened Word. Share you words of knowledge with everyone every single day of your life. The LORD is obviously raising seers this season for HIS will to be done. Be of great courage and fly fly fly like an eagle for JESUS has overcome the world.
      Will write back to you tonight.
      Been busy unpacking as we’ve just moved after a long vacation.
      Keep the faith and fly for JESUS.
      You have so many friends now. Just join in in all of them and be fed so you can fed others as well.
      You are not alone. You are welcomed in the brethren.

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