prophetic worship – warrior brides

The LORD has been nudging my heart a lot lately about this and I hesitated …. but …. this morning …. HE talked about it again ………..

God is in control.

I’ve been worshiping prophetically since the late nineties. 

The first time when I got hold of a banner. A very heavy one, I just lifted it up up up up up up high. And do you know what happened. I got my first full blown vision of JESUS being crucified in HIS glorious LIGHT. 

I was so shaken I would not touch a banner nor would I worship for months and months and months. I just stood back and refused to worship in fear the visions would happen again.

Prophetic worship is not about colours or twirling ….

Would our LORD JESUS say, well, on the fifth of June in the year two thousand, you missed a beat in your twirl and judge you by this. 

This is a good example of very good banner twirling.

I’ve never tired to be like this. Getting everyone to do the same thing. 

Everyone’s heart is different. We are all originals. We are all individuals. Experiencing different things. Also the same thing differently. 

Anyways, God looks at the heart. Not how good we can twirl as a group.

The problem here is ……. what are we focusing on. 

The perfect twirl. 

Together in unison.

Don’t get me wrong. This is great for shows.

But, before the KING of kings and the LORD of lords, it’s not a perfect show. 

We are all flawed. Every single one of us. We are all filthy rags before the LORD. Every single one of us. 

If we do not get this, how can we beg the LORD to abide in HIS Presence continually and live a life righteously according to Scripture. 

But God, HE looks at our hearts. 

Seeking HIM with all our hearts and mind and strength. 

Heavenly fellowship white - Christian Wallpapers

We seek HIM to confess our sins. To tell HIM how wonderful and beautiful HE is. How magnificent HE is. How lovely HE is. How much we want to see HIM. 

This is what the LORD desires of us. A heart drawn towards HIM.

Not a colour co-ordinated dance routine. 

HE does not say to you, wrong wrong wrong. Out of sync. Out of colour scheme. Out of dance rhythm.

This is not us.

We are not a worship dance group. 

We are nowhere near this. 

This is a worship dance group.

Don’t get me wrong. This is beautiful. This is a worship dance group. 

We are not like them.

In the messy of life. Hearts seeking the LORD. Not just us but the entire congregation in unison …… 

We are just individuals before a HOLY God.

Seeking HIS GLORY to fall over us. 

Telling HIM about our good days and our bad days. Our hurts and our victories. How we fell. How we are. What we need from HIM. 

Seeking HIS goodness and HIS LOVE. 

HIS grace. 

Focusing on HIM and HIM alone. 

JESUS-Alpha and Omega - Christian Wallpapers

For if we were perfect or ever able to reach perfectionism, why ever would we need to approach a perfect God. 

Before HIM, we are all broken up and torn. We seek HIM to heal us. To deliver us. To LOVE us. 

Our only focus being …….. JESUS JESUS JESUS ……….

Each heart, individual. Each heart unique. No one the same. Does not matter where in your walk you are. Whether you are doing good or bad. 

God seeks your heart. 

HE wants our hearts.

HE wants all of us. 

It matters to HIM how much we all love HIM. 

We are not for a good showtime. 

We are only all about JESUS JESUS JESUS. 

I have a friend who has been worshiping the LORD for over thirty years with banners. She was in groups and was told off when she was off sync. She was upset and gave up worshiping in groups. She told me she did not enjoy focusing on the twirls. She was far more interesting in worshiping the KING of king and LORD of lords.


Being in love with JESUS changes our lives. Our passion with human reasoning cannot comprehend how it feels to see JESUS sitting high and lifted up at HIS throne. Nothing can compare to touching JESUS. Kissing HIM. To see HIS GLORY fall down time after time after time. Or HIS LIGHT shine so brightly in a darkly lit room. Or waking up in the morning to HIS song and most glorious LIGHT. 

In the end, it’s just totally and truly just about JESUS in true honesty in my heart.

For what is it to me if I should gain the whole world in recognition but lose Christ in the end. 

I would have gained nothing but death.

I choose Christ.

Life eternal.

Don’t get me wrong. The ladies who worship together are highly anointed and have grown in full stature in the LORD. 

I just want more and more and more and more of JESUS.

Nothing is enough but more more more of JESUS JESUS JESUS.

We were away for a conference and two young teens came up and asked to join us with their banners. 

No problem, just fit right there with one banner.

But  but but we do not know how to wave one banner. Can we use two. 

Hmmmmmm but there’s no space for huge banner twirling. Just one raised to JESUS. Go one girls. Down you go and worship. 

We do not know what to do. 

My heart sank. They really did not get it. The focus was not to be the best banner twirler but to be the closest to JESUS.

All I want is to be right up close and personal to JESUS and for my girls, I want the same. The same was done to me by ministers of the gospel. 

Would our parents give us a stone to eat when we are hungry. What more our Father in heaven will give us. More great gifts. Greater gifts we can do, JESUS said. HE promised. 

I’m a warrior bride. 

The LORD God Almighty created me so. 

So, I get this e-mail from a lady who twirls really well. How many times have I declined but she keeps coming back. We don’t twirl. We worship. We even just stand there and do nothing but worship JESUS. 

I love my girls very much. I just want more for them like I want more for me. They are awesome warrior brides. Each one different. Not one of them is the same as any other. They are free to be what the LORD has created them to be from the foundations of the earth. 

Nothing is impossible with God.

With God all things are possible.

We are all linking up to

Five Minute Friday

and saying goodbye to

as she leaves us 


Five Minute Friday


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