our centennial – another 100 years to go :)

21 October 2012 white_dove


Our Centennial.

Assemblies Of God

One hundred years of reaching the world and preaching the gospel of our LORD JESUS Christ.

With another hundred to go.


I’ve always moved in the Spirit since a very very young age. The things of God was and is all I ever really want to know about. So important. Dunno why. I was born like this. They tell me I’m one of a kind. This is probably why people do not understand me nor relate to how I feel or think things that I would not ever or even dream about.
It’s a gift. God’s gift to me.
One of the things this morning that the LORD brought to mind was how I was raised.
Small things matter. Little things. Little things ….. one by one ….. make big things.
If you take care of the little things in your life. The big things will only be JESUS.
When I was young I was taught a basic application in life.
Never look nor hear nor get involved nor touch nor even move in the direction of darkness.
Be aware of what is darkness.
It may be something you come upon in sight.
In hearing someone speaking.
On TV.
Just by passing in the street.
Someone just passing by and you hear or see something.
Touching things.
I was taught never ever go in the direction of darkness.
When you are taught basic self help survival application, it remains for the rest of your life.
This happened to me.
I suppose the joy of the LORD is my strength and HE gave me wisdom to seek HIS kingdom of GLORY and LIGHT believing that one day, I would see it in the spiritual or is it the natural.
To reverence Scripture.
To love the LORD will all of my heart and mind and strength.
The LORD, JESUS talks on and on and on and on and I really cannot keep up with things at all.
Do not go anywhere near things that are not of the LORD.
The LORD reminded me of an incident by which HE taught me how to rid myself of my sins.
I was in my very early twenties.
One by one HE said.
A little at a time.
I was a naughty girl and I used to take a a few cents from my mother’s purse and go and buy something to eat. Like a cake or something in a store nearby.
When I was older I use to take ten dollars from my husband’s wallet and do the same.
Without asking.
Now, real life sins and people help others come to terms with their defects as well.
We are all defective.
No one is perfect.
We all are filthy rags but JESUS loves us unconditionally.
HE sees us as perfect, covered by HIS blood.
So, when my Father spoke to my heart, HE said, one thing at a time, what area is the most sin in your life.
Remove it by never doing it ever again.
Deal with one first.
So, I was determined to get rid of this sin.
Thou shalt not steal.
And I did.
That day, I never did it again.
This is my story and it may seem so little and so small but in God’s eyes, I lived in obedience to HIS call that day when I was twenty.
I have not done it again.
It was my biggest sin.
Enough for today.
Thoughts tomorrow.


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Kate Motaung


Thanking Kate for sharing her blog with us.



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